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For a comprehensive overview of the solutions offered by Transkriptorium and the technology that back them up please read our commercial presentation

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    • Is the current tendency to digitalize collections truly delivering easy access to the information?
    • How is one to search through the thousands of images of a collection for the content they need?
    • Can any user, without the correct context and expertise, discern the contents?
    • What would be the cost in expert hours and the cost of opportunity?
    • How much of this invaluable information are we ready to lose forever?
    • Would you be OK with a massive binary dump of all the data in your company and no way to search or actually understand what the contents are?
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    • Transcribing all these texts would facilitate access to their contents for an extraordinary number of users and researchers
    • Unfortunately, manual transcription is prohibitive and unassisted automatic transcription lacks the desired precision
    • Via Computer Assisted Transcription we can make precise transcriptions at affordable prices
    • Even better, we can automatically Index and allow probabilistic searches without the need of transcribing
    • Our probabilistic indexes allow you to perform big data analysis over the indexed documents: classification, automatic summaries,..
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    • This technology is now available as the result of the effort of a remarkable high-level research team
    • It has matured over decades of research
    • Product of cutting-edge national and international research projects
    • Sustained by hundreds of peer reviewed articles
    • The enormous international success of the developed projects guarantees the acceptance and value of this technology
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    • A tested on-boarding method to process new corpora and deliver results
    • State of the art open source and proprietary software developed and reviewed in 15 national and international research projects
    • A team with over 500 peer reviewed publications
    • Backed by the UPV as one of its spin-off flagships of 2020
    • Part of the READ-Coop ecosystem

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