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True open access to your handwritten documents and more...

Commercial Presentation

For a comprehensive overview of the solutions offered by Transkriptorium and the technology that back them up please read our commercial presentation

Document Layout Analysis

Based on our own OSS solution applicable to any corpus. Tackling line region and structure detection

Automatic Transcription

Device agnostic, PyTorch based, deep learning toolkit. Language independent. Tested in many languages: English, Spanish, Latin, Bengali, Hebrew, Arabic, Swedish, German, Italian, ...

Computer Assited Transcription

Proprietary interactive transcription review and correction process CATTI. Measurably improves expert productivity

Text Image Probabilistic Indexing and Search

Seamlessly search for content in handwritten documents. Search engine like functionality in historical documents. Works much better than searching in automatically transcribed text

Entity Recognition and Linking

Effectively processing records by detection the semantic information contained in them. Detecting and linking entities present in the text

Big Data Analysis

Text analytics are required to uncover insights, trends and patterns in documents. Fortunately this analysis can be performed accurately from probabilistically indexed images


End-to-end process

Through our battle tested onboarding process we are able to review and process any document required by you. Starting from digitalized images of the document pages we are able to provide the access solution you need:

  • Document Layout Analysis
  • Ground-truth generation
  • Full transcription
  • Delivering the index files for your own consumption
  • Providing you with the full indexing and search solution
  • Big data analysis

Local or Cloud Hosting

We are able to accommodate your security and hosting needs for the transcription process or probabilistic indexing solution:

  • In house Transkriptorium hosted
  • Cloud hosted
  • Client side hosting

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